• Where more than just a fashion brand, we are committed to improving the world’s carbon footprint by placing sustainability and ethical practices at the forefront of our business.  Modestwist continue's to promote and respect human rights ensuring our supply chain management is transparent and complies with relevant sustainability and ethical legislations.
  • We work with family run manufactures who are committed to ethical practices, environmental production standards, safe working conditions and fare wages. Modestwist also screens all suppliers and factories by conducting on-site assessments and inspections. We conduct through audits and pre-assessments before working with any supplier. All suppliers must pass our code of conduct and implement a straight-forward system that allows us to track and engage with them from conception of fabrics through to successful completion of ready-made garments. More than 98% of our products are manufactured in Turkey.
  •  We are starting our long-term commitment into become a more sustainable brand with our packaging. Made from 100% recycled green biogradable material. We are also working on continuous improvement on sustainability initiatives and awareness. 


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